The main aim of EWS is directed towards a sports culture of practised gender equality in terms of equal opportunities for girls and boys, women and men with regard to education and training, participation and promotion as well as codetermination in decision-making processes in sport.

The EWS constitutes a network of contacts aimed at increasing the involvement of women in sport at all levels and in all functions and roles.

For this purpose, the EWS serves the following objectives:

  • To represent, defend and promote the interests of women in sport at a European level
  • To support and further develop the participation of girls and women in sport
  • To help increasing the number of women in decision-making bodies and in the administration of sport at all levels
  • To educate women for decision-making in sport (e.g. through mentor programmes)
  • To promote the involvement of female representatives in local, regional, national delegations at sport-political, scientific and sport-practical events, conferences, seminars and workshops, at national and international levels
  • To strengthen co-operation and encourage the exchange of experience on women and sport issues among European countries at bilateral and multilateral levels
  • To cultivate relations with international organisations and bodies on women and sport issues and - where appropriate - establish links of co-operation
  • To encourage and increase scientific research projects in various sports sciences for initiating, supporting and adopting women´s perspectives; to provide information on scientific findings on women and sport



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